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                                                                                       PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SHEET

                                                                                        Version: 1.0   Issue Date: 02.11.2018


High cationic biopolymer

General Description


EnviB®102 - high cationic biopolymer is a family of hydroxyl amino glucose complex base and renewable product which effectively improve fibers bonding strength, biomembrane forming and thickening for agricultural and industrial coating.    


EnviB®102 - high cationic biopolymer provides functional improvement compared to alternative antimicrobials currently used in market today. With Innovative production technology, EnviB®102 - high cationic biopolymer leads to a high degree of active site of each molecule resulting in superior characteristics of fungistatic, binding microbial cells and chelation many transitional metal ions through colloidal stability with safe and non-toxic.


The product can be applied partially or completely as a replacement of binder, viscosity modifier and/or thickener and it can fucntion as moisture retention after biofilm forming. Our experts are willing to offer the formulation guidance and further suggestion. 


Typical Properties


Physical Properties


Clear yellow liquid

Specific gravity

1.08 + 0.07

Molecular weight


Slurry pH

4.2 5.8


350 1,150 cPs

Heavy Metals


< 0.01 ppm


< 0.01 ppm


< 0.01 ppm


< 0.10 ppm


< 0.01 ppm

Microbiological Quality

Coliform bacteria

< 0.01 MNU/gram

E. coli

< 0.01 MNU/gram

Total Plate Count  

< 103   CFU/gram

Packaging and Storage

Plastic drum, 25L (HDPE)

25 kg, net weight

Plastic IBC drum, 1000L (HDPE)

1,000 kg, net weight

Shelf Life, dry and under the roof

18 months

Further Information

For transport, handling and first aid instructions we refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for EnviB®102 - high cationic biopolymer, which is available upon request.            

For samples, technical support and further information, please contact to

GC polytech Co., Ltd.

Phone/Whatsapp: +66 81 577 0638, +66 81 5700157,

E-mail: abcdmproduct@gmail.com


Neo Bio San - Bionet

Supplement for Plants Stimulate Growth, Resist Diseases and Insects


What is Neo Bio San - Bionet?


Neo Bio San - Bionet is supplement for plants extracted from natural materials. Main ingredients are various enzymes required for plant growth. These enzymes constitute in form of bio-polymers that is endurable and beneficial in normal environment.

Enzymes in Neo Bio San - Bionet are significant for stimulating plant growth basing on most natural environment for plant. In general, plants always create its own mechanism in natural way such as its produce, blossom catching, and immune generation.

When new innovation and technology are applied to increase the production, it consequently shows some weak points for example high productivity but low disease resistance, rapid growth but weak.

Enzymes in Neo Bio San - Bionet will accommodate the plant’s balance to generate good immune system especially for resistance to diseases and insects. Moreover, it activates plants generate its own growth hormone efficiently in natural way.

It is widely understood various enzymes do not stabilize in normal condition. It is disintegrated easily. Thus, these enzymes in Neo Bio San - Bionet are prepared in the form of complex substance and biopolymer substance to bring its stabilization. This biopolymer substance is extracted from nature and harmonized to several enzymes.

The biopolymer brings direct and indirect benefits to plant such as fertilizer holding strength capacity, and its leaves sticking capacity. This enhances the efficiency of fertilizer, supplements and various agricultural chemicals.

You can see that Neo Bio San - Bionet is effective supplement derived from nature with high safety basing on returning-nature-to-nature concept in order to increase agricultural productivity. It is indeed new innovation for permanent agricultural development.


Neo Bio San - Bionet is natural biodegradable solution. It is safe for human, animal, environment without damaging ecology. It serves organic agriculture very well.

Neo Bio San - Bionet is non-toxic and non-allergic solution.  It is genuine environmental friendly.


1. It is real organic substance that is capable to resist several diseases.
2. Since it is organic substance, it is able to disintegrate in environment without any residue.
3. Since it harmonizes to nature, it encourages all-natural activities such as stimulating resistance to diseases. That is similar to trees in forest enable to resist almost all diseases.
4. Adjusting soil balance and reducing water dehydration
5. Reducing waste of fertilizer from too much washing down beyond reaching by root
6. Capturing fertilizer and releasing it slowly. This helps plants receive nutrient more regularly. It stimulates and increases root to hold the soil. It helps plants/tree to get neutral balance to enable complete growth and perfect food synthetizations.
7. Enables more nutrients of fertilizer to penetrate leaves. Usually fertilizer can enter only nitrogen through leaves.
8. Special benefit is that it helps plants and trees to resist some kinds of fungus such as: Phytophthora in durian, Pythium damaging root, Anthracnose in mango, Melanose in grapefruit or orange, Root and Stem rot, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Canker, Agal Spot, Rhizoctonia Leaf Blight, Orange leaf in paddy rice; bacteria and virus. Thus, plants and trees are not damaged from contamination and it encourages damaged plants and trees to new-refreshed condition.
9. Reducing harmful insect bites and Encouraging good insects for plants
10. Fast result after using Neo Bio San - Bionet
11. Minimum usage quantity
12. Enabling to mix with other substances except E.M. group. It is NOT recommended to use with E.M. because it will reduce E.M. effectiveness
13. It is safe and claimed that “it is only one fungi killer in the world that is edible”
14. Expediting the growth for all kinds of plant and tree in natural way
15. Build immune system for trees and plants by stimulating immune in natural way. It increases antibody to plant/tree. After in-taking Neo Bio San - Bionet, they will generate Lignin to prevent themselves from several diseases. The leaves will be shiny like wax. Under this condition, the disturbance of insect will decrease too.

16. Enlarge sizes of plants, fruits. In case it is required limited sizes of plant or fruit, the farmers have to notice the produce more frequently.
17. Increase seedling rate and control surrounding weeds. When soaking the seed before plantation and spread Neo Bio San - Bionet on all planting areas.
18. Increase productivity per hectare
19. Increase catching of flowers calyx and spike
20. Increase the harvested produce repletion
21. Increase produce endurance after harvest
22. Suitable for non-toxic agriculture
23. Balancing ecological system
24. Farmers can test to compare the expenses and worthwhile before making decision in order to have good confidence
25. Usable in any period of planting time except the research of such plant
26. Convenient to use because it penetrates through the root, stem, and leaves.

Since Neo Bio San - Bionet is an organic substance fit to nature, it can be used for almost all plants safely and effectively.

Direction 1 Spray on leaves:

In order to bring nutrient through leaves directly, Neo Bio San - Bionet can resuscitate damaged or declined trees.

No need to use leave-soaking chemical because it can be soakable on leaves very well by itself.

Reduce harmful insect bites

Reduce and solve problem of rotten leaves and stem.

Stimulate immune system and resistance of some diseases derived from fungus, bacteria, and virus

Stimulate catching flowers spike and fruits

Direction 2 splash at the bottom of tree or plant stem:

Neo Bio San - Bionet Adjusts soil balance (in case soil is full of nutrient, but plant does not grow. Neo Bio San - Bionet can help).

Neo Bio San - Bionet stimulates stretching out branch root and encourages fitness of root system.

Reduce waste of fertilizer and hold fertilizer from fast percolation and release fertilizer slowly and regularly. Thus, it encourages growth regularly.

Reduce water dehydration. Neo Bio San - Bionet will hold water by slight static electric power of itself.

Solve the problem of rotten root and rotten stem 100 %

Description: signwmAppearance: Clear colour liquid
Usage: 40-100 C.C. mix with water of 20 liters

It is recommended to use Neo Bio San - Bionet every 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days Spray throughout the whole plant or tree, branches, leaves and roots, or Splash all planting areas.
Neo Bio San - Bionet mixing with water of 20 liters covers the area of 200 – 400 Square meters depending on each kind of plant/tree and planting area.

Storage: Keep in room area without direct sunlight contact in normal room temperature.

Shelf-life: At least 2 years if the product is kept in good storage as instruction

Packing: We have 1,000 C.C. bottle, 5 liters bottle, 25 liters drum, 1,000 liters IBC drum.


Please contact us for more details.



Totally 16,000 kg per 20' container, packaging 1liter PE bottle, best thickness, label and shrink wrap, look nice good shape, 12-liter bottle in 5-ply carton box with PE strip fastening,

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Oxygen boost for a better yield: Lettuce case study

A recent study by Volcani Institute, Israeli Agriculture Research Organization investigated yield and nutrient uptake of lettuce with and without nanobubble (NB) enriched irrigation. The tested experiment variants included treated wastewater, fresh water, and saline water.

Summary of the effects of irrigation with NB-treated water:

  • improved nutrient uptake and dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations,
  • increased wet yield and dry mass of the lettuce heads in all trials (notably by 12% in saline and 9% in wastewater),
  • reduced nitrate-N concentrations and improved microbial activity.
  • Nanobubble treatment proved that the NB-treated irrigation water managed to increase oxygen availability in the rhizosphere, which in turn promoted plant growth and nitrogen use efficiency, regardless of the water source.
  • The implementation of NB technology proved to be effective in:
  • improving fertilizer efficiency (reduced fertilizer runoff and loss from leaching),
  • maintaining better root oxygenation & health,
  • improving plant vigor,
  • increasing crop yield quantity & quality.
  • Image: Summary of the obtained results and experiment design. 

Reference Picture:The rice field in Thailand    #irrigation #water #greenhouse